Healer Per Arnt - Healing of dogs

I have now made an english version of my homepages (the part with focus on healing of dogs only) in order to help the english speaking dog owners.

Presentation: I am a healer and dog-person with uptodate knowledge upon dogs.

I live in Denmark - I use a photo of the dog for a distant healing proces when geographical distance is without importance! 🙂

The spiritual explanation of healing: I use spiritual healing with a big heart for the dogs - always in respect of the dog and on the dog's premises and exactly customized to each individuals needs. I combine it with being able to communicate with the dog.

The non-spiritual explanation of healing: I add energy to the dog and the dog heals itself if possible.

I suggest you look at what happens with an open mind and heart in order to help your dog as the dog knows your feelings and expectations🙂

I combine being a channel for the healing energy with other personall skills and educations I have in connection with dogs and humans - more about this at the end of the text.

I have a fulltime job in a school, besides being "Healer Per Arnt".

What does it cost?

For free: I do some distant healing of only a few dogs at a time in a longer healing proces - this is done when I have a little spare time only (you may ask for my help too).

If your dog is in a acute life-threatening situation contact me and I will try to help with some healing as soon as I can

Note:The free offers apply to the extent that I can find room and time for it

Costs money: I also do spiritual healing or distant healing of dogs (or humans) as part of my small company "Healer Per Arnt", at very fair prices (ask if needed)

Informations & ethics:

You can trust me - your data, our communication  and the things I get to know are confidential and stay between us from my part and can be deleted anytime you want it - no commercial use (but of course comments or pictures are always welcome at one of my 2 homepages or Google or Facebook) - There are some EU-regulations on how to treat data however, which I will bring on the homepages in the near future.

If in doubt? I have good ethics - treats every one who gets healed as unique and with respect

This is only a short version of my homepage featuring the main text abot the healing of dogs. I apologize for the lack of photos and the  quality of english when an mproved Google translate was the fastest method :)

You´re always welcome to ask me questions about healing or about your dog- however the easiest way to connect is to send me a direct personal message in Messenger (Facebook)

- search for Per Arnt Rasmussen

🙂Best wishes and hopes for the beloved dogs 🙂

                      Healer Per Arnt

What can I do for your dog? 

Every dog ​​I heal on gets the healing that they just need at the given time, to treat imbalances and retrieve energy and life enthusiasm 

I am a careful and empathetic healer who knows how to set aside my ego so that all good forces are used for the benefit of the dog. 

I use different healing methods that are adapted to the individual. 

Healing can: 

Relieve physical and mental symptoms - remove or reduce imbalances - give new energy 

My Forces:

to heal with a very strong energy - Individual customized healing - contact and healing on the dog's premises - I can feel the dog's imbalances and heal them - knowledge about dogs and people 

I am offering:

single treatments - longer course - healing one or more dogs and / or people in one longer session - Treatment in your home on Funen or alternatively with me in Odense N - distant healing - trial treatments eg at a trade show, for dog events, etc.

I'm looking forward to be helping your dog and you! 

Healing is a supplement - must not stand instead of, for example, seeking medical attention.

If there are situations where healing is not enough, I refer to other relevant therapists, vets etc.


Information about private matters and other personal information that comes with the processing is treated confidentially. 

If you are satisfied with the treatment: Please tell others about it! 

If you are dissatisfied with the treatment? : If that should happen, tell me about it so I can get better. 

EU 's Data Law:

I do not store personal information in a journal but I keep your dog´s name and photo, your name or adress, email etc. with purpose of our effort to help the dog.

What is healing? 
Healing relieves and heals physical and mental imbalances, strengthens the body and its ability to heal itself. 

The one who gets healed is positively affected both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Being healed is an individual experience. 
The one to heal gets the healing energy that exactly it needs at the very moment, energy that builds on a soothing and healing process.
The scientific explanation will be that energy
 is supplied. 
The spiritual explanation is that in cooperation with the spiritual world we get help to activate our energy.

The healer can use many different methods, for my part is the healing done by sending energy using my hands, and I do not touch the person/dog in question except below the neck a little if needed
Healing can also take place as distant healing, see this. 

(See photo below): Healing is lovely thinks the dogs. Klara and Ginger
 get healing.
Healing of other people´s dogs takes place on the floor or where they feel like it 

The healing takes place on the floor and is voluntary for the dog, who must go on and off if necessary,
 and if there is a stop on the dog's side, I of course stop the healing.
Owner is nearby and at rest, lovingly thinking about the dog. 
When healing dogs, there is often a need for counseling people with regard to dogs' perception
 of the world and their needs, so it typically takes a couple of hours incl. dialogue.
So far I have healed dogs with very different and sometimes severe imbalances, as it has had a beneficial effect. 

For example: pain conditions - other physical imbalances - mental and emotional imbalances
healing as wellness
I can feel during the healing, where the dog has physical and mental imbalances, and affect them in a positive direction.
Through this response, as well
 as the dialogue with the owner, we find the reasons. 
IMPORTANT: Doing nothing about the cause but continuing with what gives the imbalance,  the imbalance will come again.
 stress and traumatic experiences in dogs that exceed what their system can cope with, as well as pain, are frequent imbalances.
 Dogs that have serious diseases benefit greatly from healing, which increases the quality of life.
 healing is voluntary and takes place with the owner's loving support.
 It is thus possible for the dog to refuse the healing by simply going away and staying away from the energy.
 Again: Consider
 healing as a supplement to veterinarian, dog massage, chiropractor etc.
 I have used both direct healing and distant healing on dogs. 
Sitting by at distant healing of dogs, owners have expressed the ability to observe
 how the dog is positively affected while it happens.
See, for example, opinions from the owners of the dogs a little below
Distant .... healing?
Well It may sound like fantasy and imagination, but it's
 not. It´s reality!
It is possible to heal over long distances, the healer does not have to be near the one to be healed, since everything is connected with energy. 
So far I have distant healed dogs and people with very different
 and sometimes severe imbalances, as it has had a beneficial effect. 
I REPEAT : IMPORTANT: Doing nothing about the cause but continuing with what gives the imbalance it will come again.
Distant healing takes place in this way:
Before the healing we have communicated why you have contacted me and at an agreed time when the dog and the owner are at rest, the healing begins.
I use a (preferably brand new) picture of the
 dog and your address so the energy is sent to the right place.
I then use the picture to heal the dog and follow up on the healing via Messenger / phone according to agreement.
 A thorough distance healing takes as long time as a
 direct healing, typically 45 minutes direct healing.
What people said .... 🙂🙂🙂
Here, with the customers' permission, there will be some statements about their experiences of healing by Per, of course, as anonymously as desired. A few
 lines to this are always welcome from current / former customers 
You are also very welcome to comment directly on the Facebook page Healer Per Arnt or the Facebook page Hundefamilien.dk (which opens in a new window if you click on the name)
Google reviews: Search for Healer Per Arnt and find a few Google reviews too (in danish).

December 2018: 
In connection with healing and counseling about a couple of cute
 puppies and their dog group, Birthe Cirsovius Hahn from Kennel Sublime Cirsovius has kindly referred to the entire course of her blog, and allowed me to show it here.
Follow the link by tapping "A healer came by" " (in danish) http://pudel-harmoni.dk/en-healer-kom-forbi/ 
April 2018 

M. wrote: "Per has a fantastic feeling with dog, and you can almost see how his energy flows into the dog. A gentle way to help your dog. Try😘 "
Healing of 4 dogs and 1 person

Thor's human mother wrote: "I can recommend
 Per as a distant healer. He has helped our little dog who was traumatized because of bad dog “specialist”. He is quite OK now. We live in Australia." 
- Distance healing of the dog Thor due to shock / trauma and social stress.
 Smilla's mother wrote: "I would like to thank you very much for helping Smilla. It made a difference for both her and us. Maybe we would have given up hope and euthanized her if it wasn't for you. "
- Distant healing of the dog Smilla due to shock / trauma and physical injury in the back.
J.wrote: "Can be recommended. He is good at people and animals." - Healing of 2 people and 2 dogs for various reasons.

Relevant education, workshops, etc. 
2016 Reikihealer of 2.degree, educated at Mette Hvid - Alternative  
2016 Reikihealer of 1st degree, educated at Mette Hvid - Alternative  
2016 Clairvoyant Adviser, educated at Mette Hvid - Alternative  
 Puppy & Family Dog Trainer, educated from the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) 
2013 Diploma program in Management (incl. Module with coaching), University College Lillebælt Vejle 
1987 Educated educator (pædagog), Slagelse
 Børnehave & Fritidspædagog Seminarium

Shorter courses, workshops:
2019 February Continued Clairvoyant Medial Training Course by Bettina Thomsen, The Spiritual Funen 
2018 September, Start at Clairvoyant
 Medial Training course by Bettina Thomsen, The Spiritual Funen
2018 Communication with Animals 3, Klinik Jylov 
2017 Course on interpretation of OH-cards by Rud Grandt 
2017 Workshops for dog trainers in DKK (The
 Danish Kennel Club), a total of 7 workshops / lectures. 
2017 Course for dog trainers in DBSK. (Danish Bernese Mountain Dos´s Club)
2016 Workshop Training of Platform Demonstration / Contact with deceased by Bettina Thomsen
 2016 Workshop in Mediumship by Marion Dampier-Jeans, Hanne Hemcker, Jane Weiss 
2016 Communication with animals 2, Klinik Jylov 
2016 Workshop with Merete Gundersen, Life Source/ SIQ Institute 
 Automatic transcription, transfiguration / trance etc. by Frank Frank, Aalborg Clairvoyance & Death contact, Guest teacher in the education for clairvoyant advisor 
2014 Communication with animals 1, Klinik Jylov
 Participated in more than 40 lectures, small courses, education etc. about dog behavior
Other competencies: 
2016- Advice on dogs seen from the dog's point of view
Otherwise, work 
2019 Works as an educator fulltime(pædagog) in a school, former SFO leader. 
2017 Small company: Healer Per Arnt started 2017.  





Healing is a hit thinks the dogs. Klara and Ginger gets healing.
Healing of other people´s dogs takes place on the floor or where they feel like it

This is me - Healer Per Arnt ! I also have a home page for healing of humans however it is only in Danish: http://www.healer-perarnt.dk/

The small company "Healer Per Arnt" belongs to: Per Arnt Rasmussen, see adress on the homepage